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Venture Capital and Private Equity

Corporate Finance

Frequently advise founders, investees, LPs, and investors on various growth strategies from an early stage. Having worked closely with several founders as well as large investors, we understand both sides of the investment and can identify potential legal hurdles that may arise at a later stage and can advise on the appropriate legal instruments that may be used for a transaction. Several founders reach out to us for a second-opinion. We are also able to act as an offline 'in-house' counsel for smaller startups.


Our transaction experience has been diverse. We have dealt with several investors from multiple jurisdictions and assisted them in traversing complex regulatory pathways in emerging markets.

Corporate Law

In the past we have advised several parties in a range of corporate disputes including but not limited to minority shareholder action, S.238 rights (Cayman Company Act), take-private transactions, restructurings and scheme of arrangements, and breach of fiduciary duties.  


Advised Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), a sovereign wealth fund, in the initial leg of a proposed forward-purchase of a commercial real-estate project from Phoenix group, a leading Indian real-estate developer – overall deal value: USD 83 million.

City Skyline

Alpha Wave Global

Advised Alpha Wave Global, a New York based global VC fund, on the following investments (amounts in USD million): India:

Of business (Series G - $175 Mn),

Oxyzo (Series A - $70 Mn),

Ola Electric (Series D - $7.5 Mn),

Swiggy (Series K - $125 Mn),

Absolute Foods (Series B - $30 Mn),

Wealthy (Series B - $6 Mn), (Series A - $8 Mn), and

Even Healthcare (Pre-Series A - $3 Mn); and Singapore: Mensa Brands (Series B - $70 Mn).

Delivering Groceries

Drutaya Semiconductors

Advised a semiconductor company, Drutaya Semiconductors, on setting up its business operations in India, including structuring its investment in India from foreign investors.  


EDF Energy

Assisted  EDF France (Électricité de France) a nuclear power generating company on setting up a power plant in India and advising on the investment structuring.

Nuclear power station

A Non-Banking Finance Company

Advised an Indian Non-Banking Finance Company on receiving foreign investment in the form of OCDs (optionally convertible debentures) and completed the investment. This involved analysing the regulatory guidelines prescribed by the RBI involving investment in an NBFC for carrying out digital lending apart from the investment related advice. 

Dollar Notes


Advised IQVIA Inc., a US-based multinational corporation in the healthcare and life-sciences technology sector, in its acquisition of ACUTA Infotech – overall deal value: USD 25 million



Advised Invesco, a US-based investment management company, in its corporate restructuring and merger of Indian group entities.

Nature Tokens

Ivanhoe Cambridge

Advised Ivanhoe Cambridge, a subsidiary of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Canada’s second-largest pension fund, in its proposed collaboration with Embassy Group, a leading Indian real-estate developer, for investment into an India-level alternative investment vehicle for the development/acquisition of commercial real-estate projects in India – overall deal value: USD 500 million.


Lake Shore India Retail Venture Fund

Advised Lake Shore India Retail Venture Fund, an Abu Dhabi Investment Authority backed India-level alternative investment fund, in its second-tranche investment in relation to a joint venture with Phoenix group – overall deal value: USD 90 million

Suburban Street

Renewable Energy

Advised Rithwik Projects, a renewable energy company, in its business slump sale to Kineta Power - overall deal value: USD 6 million.

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